Beauty Tips for a Carefree Summer

Summer is almost here, which means the heat is coming and carefree days relaxing by the pool are just around the corner. The last thing most of us want to be doing in the sweltering heat is worrying about our beauty routine—plus, mascara running down our faces hasn’t been “in” since the emo days nearly 20 years ago (!!). Luckily for you, it’s totally possible to ‘automate’ your routine for a low-maintenance, high-performance look.

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One Bride's Review of Byōōdē Bar

When it comes to beauty, I'm pretty much the most low maintenance girl on the planet. I wear makeup maybe twice a year, I live for my activewear, and I take 5 minutes flat to get ready. I'm also incredibly frugal, spending most of my money on my family instead of myself.

But when I was planning my wedding for August, 2018, I knew my usual routine just wasn't going to cut it. And the truth was that I always wanted to try tinting my eyebrows and getting eyelash extensions, but have never found the right "excuse" to splurge. Well, what better time than your own wedding, amirite?

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Why PhiBrows is our Certification of Choice

When it comes to eyebrow certifications, there are many options out there. But, like most things, all options are not equal. Our BrowPro brow tech Ashley insists on PhiBrows certifications for her own arsenal, because she knows that PhiBrows is truly committed to being the best in brows. 

So why is PhiBrows so amazing? Let us count the ways:

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Microblading 101: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know

Welcome to Byōōdē Bar’s first blog post!  Come back every month for another post exploring the latest trends, products, and advice in the beauty world.  We thought we’d use this first month to explore the world of microblading because although it’s becoming more well-known, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions about it.  And with our very own dual-certified microblading technician Ashley on staff, we figured this was a good time to tell you everything you need to know about these semi-permanent eyebrows.

What Is Microblading, Anyway?

If we’re going to explain everything there is to know about microblading, we should probably start with telling you what, exactly, microblading is.  Simply put, microblading is a form of manually tattooing eyebrows.  It’s done with a super-fine blade and the appropriate pigment for your complexion, which gives you hyper-realistic results.  Your technician will etch a pattern of lines that mimic your own hair growth pattern, which results in natural looking hair-like strokes—regardless of how much real hair you started out with. 

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