Microblading 101: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know

Welcome to Byōōdē Bar’s first blog post!  Come back every month for another post exploring the latest trends, products, and advice in the beauty world.  We thought we’d use this first month to explore the world of microblading because although it’s becoming more well-known, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions about it.  And with our very own dual-certified microblading technician Ashley on staff, we figured this was a good time to tell you everything you need to know about these semi-permanent eyebrows.

What Is Microblading, Anyway?

If we’re going to explain everything there is to know about microblading, we should probably start with telling you what, exactly, microblading is.  Simply put, microblading is a form of manually tattooing eyebrows.  It’s done with a super-fine blade and the appropriate pigment for your complexion, which gives you hyper-realistic results.  Your technician will etch a pattern of lines that mimic your own hair growth pattern, which results in natural looking hair-like strokes—regardless of how much real hair you started out with. 

Before and after microblading.  Brows done by BrowPro technician Ashley.

Before and after microblading.  Brows done by BrowPro technician Ashley.

How Do You Decide the Shape and Colour?

The shape of your new brow is actually pretty scientific!  It’s calculated according to the Golden Ratio (phi 1.618) and your face morphology.  That’s really just a fancy way of saying your microblading technician is trained to know what shape works best for your face.  The colour is selected based on the natural colour of your eyebrows, your hair colour, and your desired end result (natural light finish or big, bold brow). 


What Happens During the Appointment?

First, your eyebrows will be cleaned and sterilized.  Then, the new brow shape will be drawn onto your skin.  Photos will be taken to fully scrutinize the design then, once approved, your chosen pigment will be implanted beneath the skin’s surface using a sterile, disposable microblading tool (blade).  Six to twelve weeks later, you’ll return for a similar touch-up appointment to complete your look.  Expect your appointment to last two to three hours.

Your brows will initially look dark.  This is normal!  Within a week, you’ll notice the colour soften.  It will continue to fade for the next four weeks, until it settles to its final pigment. 


How Long Does It Last? What Does Aftercare Look Like?

Microblading is considered semi-permanent and will last one to two years.  Your skin type and natural pigment retention, along with how well your brows are cared for after the treatment, determine how long it lasts.  It is said that the longevity of your brows is 60% the work and 40% the aftercare, so if you want to make your investment stretch farther, make sure you follow the instructions!

The first ten days or so are the most important for your new eyebrows, as this is when they are healing.  While you are healing, you must avoid:

·         sleeping on your stomach or side

·         direct sun exposure to your brows (wear a hat to shade them, but don’t apply sunscreen until they are completely healed!)

·         heavy sweating, hot yoga, and any activity that has moisture or steam (no swimming, sunbathing, hot tubbing, etc.)

·         getting your new brows wet

·         makeup, cleansers, or any product besides your supplied aftercare lotion

·         tanning and exercising

·         touching your brows, especially with dirty fingers

·         bangs that touch your brows (pin them back to avoid infection)

·         Botox, laser or chemical treatments, or microdermabrasion treatments


Once your eyebrows are completely healed (when they scab over and then slough off), you should use an SPF product to limit sun exposure.  Consult with your technician on the best products to use on your brows post-procedure, but as a rule your normal routine can commence.


What Kind of Upkeep Is Necessary?

It takes two treatments for best results.  The first treatment is used to build the hair strokes and eyebrow structure.  Then, six to twelve weeks later, a touch-up appointment helps build density and symmetry to your brow.  When selecting a microblading technician, besides making sure they have appropriate certifications, check to see if the first touch-up is included.  At Byōōdē Bar, our microblading price covers both visits, as long as you book the touch-up before the twelve weeks is up.

As microblading is only semi-permanent, it will be necessary to get further touch-ups to keep your pigment bright and the strokes crisp.  Expect to return every year or so, depending on your age and how well your skin retains that pigment.


Does It Hurt?

Besides all the normal logistical questions, this is the one that most people really want to know.

So, okay—we are talking about tattooing here.  And that does come with a bit of discomfort.  But the good news is that on a scale of one to ten, most people only rate the feeling at a three.  Plus, we apply numbing cream during the treatment to help reduce that discomfort even more.  If you’re feeling worried about the sensation, avoid coming during your menstrual cycle—menstruating uteruses can heighten sensitivity a bit.


Who Shouldn’t Get Microblading?

Microblading isn’t right for everyone, and your technician will help determine your eligibility.  It’s not a good choice if you have:

·         excessively oily or acne prone skin

·         dry and peeling skin, including eczema or psoriasis on the face

·         moles in your eyebrow area

·         keratosis

·         broken capillaries

·         troubles healing or keloid scarring


It’s also not right for you if you are:

·         pregnant or nursing

·         diabetic

·         undergoing chemotherapy

·         sick with a cold, flu, or any virus

·         epileptic

·         an organ transplant recipient

·         a Botox user (within three weeks of your appointment)


How Much Does It Cost? Where Can I Sign Up?

Like most beauty treatments, prices can vary from studio to studio.  Our BrowPro technician Ashley is dual-certified through some of the most reputable programs in the world and is always committed to safety and sterilization.  You can check our prices on our services page!  If you’re ready to request your consultation, click the book now button below.

Microblading is a simple, safe, and effective procedure.  Indulging in semi-permanent makeup means you can wake up brow ready and always look fabulous on the go!  If you are curious about microblading’s fit for you, or if you have more questions, shoot us an email at contact@byoodebar.com.  We’re always happy to hear from you!  We’d also love suggestions for future blog topics, so let us know what burning questions you’ve always wanted the answers to.  Until next time!