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Eyelash Extensions          Eyelash Lift



Wake up with long, voluminous, and lifted eyelashes  — without the effort!  Lasting 3-4 weeks, eyelash extensions will give your face the instant boost that it needs.  

Every appointment comes with a free consultation so you can achieved the customized look you're after.


Classic Extensions

The standard extension technique, classic adds length and curl and is ideal for clients with a lot of natural lashes.  One extension per one natural eyelash.

$155+   Full Set
$70+  Classic Fill

Blended Extensions

A mix of classic and volume lashes for the perfect blend of natural fluff.

$170   Regular Blend Full Set
$75+  Regular Blend Fill

Volume Extensions

A more dramatic and fluffy look, volume creates a fan of two to five extensions per one natural eyelash.  Results last longer than classic. Ideal for clients with sparse natural eyelashes.

$225   Mega Volume
$200 Mega Volume Blend Set
$185   Regular Volume
$115+   Mega Fill
$95+ Mega Volume Blend Fill
$85 +   Regular Fill*


*Price may increase depending on amount of natural lashes



Want to boost your naturally long and full eyelashes?  Not quite ready to commit to extensions?  Try a lift, instead!  By applying specialized lash-curling gel, you can achieve beautifully curled lashes that last 4-6 weeks.  Ditch your daily curler routine and save precious time with this quick and safe technique.  Add a black lash tint to really make your eyes pop.

Eyelash Lift


Eyelash Lift & Tint