Why PhiBrows is our Certification of Choice

When it comes to eyebrow certifications, there are many options out there. But, like most things, all options are not equal. Our BrowPro brow tech Ashley insists on PhiBrows certifications for her own arsenal, because she knows that PhiBrows is truly committed to being the best in brows. 

So why is PhiBrows so amazing? Let us count the ways:


Laser Focused

PhiBrows does brows. Period. They have chosen their specific niche, unlike other beauty certifications that dabble in many different areas. By being that laser focused, they are able to be the leaders and innovators in all things eyebrow.


Masters of their Craft

PhiBrows has Masters that travel the world teaching their craft. These Masters are truly the cream of the crop, and live and breathe eyebrows and brow instruction. BrowPro and Byōōdē Bar have hosted a few certification classes with Masters Quin Tran and Taiyaba Saleem, and our participants always leave raving about the instruction they received! We have another one coming up in May, if you want to elevate your brow game.


Ahead of the Curve

Beauty trends change quickly, and PhiBrows is always on top of the latest techniques. From standard microblading to powdered or ombré brows to machine shading, PhiBrows knows what's hot and teaches you the right way to achieve results.


Commitment to Safety

PhiBrows does not cut corners. Following strict safety rules that are compliant with Alberta Health Services, PhiBrows teaches safety above all else. PhiBrows Artists are truly committed to your well-being, ensuring that you walk away with killer brows and impeccable hygiene.


More than the Basics

Artists that attend PhiBrows Certifications come out with far more than the basics. 

"You don't want to spend your hard-earned money on something that will only teach you the bare minimum. That's why PhiBrows is world-renowned—they spend the time, share their expertise, and ensure your success," explains Ashley. 


Ashley has numerous rave reviews for her work. Obviously, she's talented, but she credits a lot of her skills to her time spent with her PhiBrows Masters. If you're in the market for a brow expert, it's worth it to ask where they were certified and do some research on what that certification included. There are many courses out there, but only PhiBrows has the years of experience, laser focus on the industry, and proven Masters at work.

Want to get certified yourself? Join us in May!