Sugaring: What It Is and Why You Want It

The journey over the last year since Byōōdē Bar opened its doors has been an amazing one, and we're so excited to continue to expand the services we offer and bring new amazing techs on  board. Included in the treatments we have recently added are waxing, threading, and sugaring. While most people have a handle on waxing and threading, they usually have more questions about sugaring. So what is sugaring and why do you want it?

Literally made from sugar.


You can think of sugaring as a bit like waxing, in that a substance is applied to your skin and used to pull hair out from the root. Sugaring, however, is made from sugar, lemon, and hot water rather than traditional wax. 


Sugaring is less painful.

Although in both waxing and sugaring you apply a substance to the skin, the two treatments differ in a very important way.  While waxing adheres directly to the skin and therefore pulls your skin when removed, sugaring only sticks to the hair itself. This means that when the sugaring is removed, it pulls just the hair and not the skin underneath.

This means that most people find sugaring to be significantly less painful that traditional waxing. Beauty experts also find it easier to remove the hair quickly, since they're not fighting with sticky skin.


Fabulous for sensitive skin.

Because the gel is made from all natural and gentle ingredients, and because sugaring is less irritating to the surrounding skin, it is a great option for those with sensitive skin. The results also tend to last longer that shaving or waxing, since sugaring adheres so well to the hair and makes it easier to pull it out by the root. With frequent sugaring applications you may even see diminished hair growth overall.


Can be used anywhere.

Sugaring is appropriate anywhere on the body. Keep in mind that naturally sensitive areas like the bikini line or upper lip will feel the treatment more, but this is true of all hair removal techniques. Check out our services page for a full price list.


When to avoid.

There are a few scenarios where sugaring is not recommended. If you have open sores, bruising, or a rash, sugaring can make them worse. Those taking steroids or some kinds of medications are also advised to avoid the technique. If you have any concerns, come in and talk to our sugaring tech Amy to find out if sugaring is right for you.