All of our services are performed by certified beauty professionals in our bright, clean studio. For more information on our artists, check out our about page and please ensure you read our cancellation policy prior to booking.


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Microblading          Powder Brows          Brow Rehab



Indulge in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup with hyper-realistic results.  Restore your sparse or missing hair, wake up with perfect brows, and save valuable time getting ready.  Results last 1-2 years.  Please refer to BrowPro's GeneralFAQs, and After Care pages for more critical information
*add a 10 minute nostril or lip wax to any service for just $10! 




Includes first touch up

Touch Ups* 

$125   within 3 months
$175   within 6 months
$225   within 9 months
$275  within 12 months
$325 within 12-18 months
$450 within 18-24 months
Full application price for anything after 2 years. 

* Touch up pricing is ONLY for previous Byoode Bar/BrowPro clients. Touching up another artist's work is considered a new appointment, and a clear photo should be sent via email prior to booking in order for us to determine if the correction can be completed. 



Powdered Ombré Brows use a small rotary tattoo machine to implant pigment, creating a powdery-like make up look that is super soft and natural.  
Combination brows offer the best of both powdered and hair stroke effects.   The result is a perfectly defined combo brow that lasts 16-36 months. And, with a virtually painless application procedure, you can achieve long-lasting perfection without the pain.
*add a 10 minute nostril or lip wax to any service for just $10! 


Powdered Ombré


Includes first touch up within 90 days



Includes first touch up within 90 days


Amazing brows without the long-term commitment.  Achieve a natural, more defined look that takes your face shape and bone structure into careful consideration.  Results last 4-6 weeks.

The following methods may be used to the get the desired brow:

-Application & education of brow product

*wax & applicators are NEVER double-dipped or reused
*add a 10 minute nostril or lip wax to any service for just $10! 


Brow Shaping


For first appointment. $45 for returning.

Brow Maintenance

Tint only: $20
Shape and Wax:
With tint: $45

Maintenance visits.



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Eyelash Extensions          Eyelash Lift



Wake up with long, voluminous, and lifted eyelashes  — without the effort!  Lasting 3-4 weeks, eyelash extensions will give your face the instant boost that it needs.  

Every appointment comes with a free consultation so you can achieved the customized look you're after.


Classic Extensions

The standard extension technique, classic adds length and curl and is ideal for clients with a lot of natural lashes.  One extension per one natural eyelash.

$155+   Full Set
$70+  Classic Fill

Blended Extensions

A mix of classic and volume lashes for the perfect blend of natural fluff.

$170   Regular Blend Full Set
$75+  Regular Blend Fill

Volume Extensions

A more dramatic and fluffy look, volume creates a fan of two to five extensions per one natural eyelash.  Results last longer than classic. Ideal for clients with sparse natural eyelashes.

$225   Mega Volume
$200 Mega Volume Blend Set
$185   Regular Volume
$115+   Mega Fill
$95+ Mega Volume Blend Fill
$85 +   Regular Fill*


*Price may increase depending on amount of natural lashes



Want to boost your naturally long and full eyelashes?  Not quite ready to commit to extensions?  Try a lift, instead!  By applying specialized lash-curling gel, you can achieve beautifully curled lashes that last 4-6 weeks.  Ditch your daily curler routine and save precious time with this quick and safe technique.  Add a black lash tint to really make your eyes pop.

Eyelash Lift


Eyelash Lift & Tint




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Laser Hair Removal          Fire and Ice Facial      Dermaplaning      Skin Genesis          Vascular Therapy          Warts and Nail Bed Fungus          Lip Augmentation          Dysport



Say goodbye to unwanted hair! Ditch the razor, eliminate expensive waxing, and save time.   

Destroying the hair follicle at the root, laser hair removal is an easy way to achieve permanent hair reduction.  After a series of treatments, you'll walk away with smooth, hair-free skin.  Discounts are offered with a package of four or more.

$50 Ear/Nose
$50 Chin
$50 Sideburns
$50 Upper Lip
$150 Full Face
$125 Forearms
$200 Full Arms
$200+ Chest
$200+ Abdomen

$200 Half Back
$300 Full Back
$60 Underarms
$100 Bikini Line
$175 Brazilian
$125 Buttocks
$175 Lower Legs (includes knee)
$250 Full Legs
$25 Toes/Fingers

Pretreatment shave:
$10 Small Area
$20 Medium Area
$30 Large Area



A treatment designed to rapidly (and safely!) resurface the skin, you can expect a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, smoother and softer skin, and faster cellular renewal.  Refine your complexion with no downtime, no peeling, and no negative side effects.  Suitable for all skin types.

Single Facial


Package of 5



A treatment designed to rapidly (and safely!) resurface the skin, you can expect a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, smoother and softer skin, and faster cellular renewal.  Adding dermaplaning to this treatment allows for a deeper penetration of ingredients and more physical exfoliation of the skin.

Single Facial



Remove pesky peach fuzz from the face while exfoliating your skin. Dermaplaning gently “shaves” off the first dead layer of skin, leaving you with a silky-smooth finish that allows for better absorption of products and flawless application of makeup. Perfect for our dry Alberta winters, this procedure can be repeated every four weeks!

Single Treatment



Want to produce new collagen to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles , rosacea, scars, or acne?  Skin Genesis is a safe, non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime!  Discounts offered with a package of six or more.

Facial Treatment


Scar Reduction



Not sure what treatments or products would be beneficial for you? Come in for a 30 minute consultation and get professional recommendations on the best course of action for your unique skin. Plus you get reimbursed for the consultation when you book a treatment or buy a product!

30 Minute Consultation



Eliminate unwanted veins with this quick and effective treatment!  Effective for:

-Facial or fine leg telangiectasia
-Venous lakes
-Leg veins, including spider veins
-Poikiloderma of civatte

Larger veins may require more than one treatment.

20 Minutes of Treatment


Suffering from pesky warts?  Our non-invasive treatment is ultra-effective without damaging surrounding tissue.  Fighting nail bed fungus?  Better than creams and oral medications, our clinically-proven treatment will kill fungal spores in the nail bed.

Wart Removal


Price increase only necessary for multiple wart clusters

Nail Bed Fungus

$80 Single Finger
$125 Single Foot
$200 Both Feet


Increase your lips' volume and definition with one initial and one follow up visit.  Instant results with a simple injection into the lip.  Restore plumpness, enhance your lips, and correct disproportion while keeping a realistic appearance and movement.

One Syringe


Includes follow up treatment


Improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines with a Dysport injection.  By blocking the signal from the nerve to the treated muscle, the movement that causes wrinkles is reduced, while the untreated muscles surrounding the area continue to move freely—allowing you to show natural expressions.  Book an appointment to find out if Dysport is appropriate for you.

Per Unit



Hair Removal

See also: Laser Hair Removal (permanent)

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             Sugaring          Waxing          Threading          



Get rid of unwanted hair with this gentle and effective method. Using gel made from sugar, lemon, and hot water, the hair is removed at the root for results that last longer than traditional waxing.


$40 Full Face
$10 Chin
$12 Nostrils
$12 Upper Lip



$20 Underarms
$25 Half Arms
$40 Half Arms with Underarms
$40 Full Arms
$50 Full Arms with Underarms


$40 Lower or Upper Legs
$60 Lower or Upper Legs with Bikini
$70 Lower or Upper Legs with Bikini Plus
$90 Lower or Upper Legs with Brazilian
$70 Full Legs
$85 Full Legs with Bikini
$90 Full Legs with Bikini Plus
$115 Full Legs with Brazilian


$25 Bikini
$35 Bikini +
$60 Brazilian


Get baby smooth skin with traditional wax hair removal. 

$10 Fingers & Toes
$10 Stomach
$20 Underarms
$20 Bikini Line
$30 Half Arms
$40 Half Legs
$40 Back
$45 Full Arms
$70 Full Legs


Try this ancient method of hair removal that uses nothing but a thread! Precise results that can last up to 6 weeks. Perfect for sensitive skin.

$10 Chin
$15 Sideburns
$15 Brow Maintenance
$15 Lips
$20 Lips and Chin
$20 Brow Shaping
$30 Eyebrow Thread and Tint


SunnaSmile Teeth Whitening


If you're into convenience that involves the least amount of effort, our in-studio treatments are for you.  With the actual machine time taking 15 minutes, and the entire appointment clocking in around 25 minutes, this is a quick-hit way to see teeth 3-5 shades whiter in just one visit.  Add more visits for even better results. 

Single Session:

Three Sessions:


If you're more of a do-it-yourself kinda person, our home whitening kit is perfect for you!  Equivalent to 50 tubes of toothpaste, 150 whitening strips, or 25 whitening syringes, our at-home kit is a way more economical and effective solution than grocery store options.  Including an LED light, detachable tray, 50 ml whitening gel pump, travel case, shade guide, and extra battery, the at-home kit comes with everything you need to achieve whiter teeth right from your own sink.  Get teeth up to 8 shades whiter after 5 days of consistent use!
Stop in to our studio to take home yours.

At Home Kit: