Beauty Tips for a Carefree Summer

Summer is almost here, which means the heat is coming and carefree days relaxing by the pool are just around the corner. The last thing most of us want to be doing in the sweltering heat is worrying about our beauty routine—plus, mascara running down our faces hasn’t been “in” since the emo days nearly 20 years ago (!!). Luckily for you, it’s totally possible to ‘automate’ your routine for a low-maintenance, high-performance look.


This hyper-realistic eyebrow tattoo means full, gorgeous brows with virtually zero effort. With a pigment and shape perfectly matched to your skin tone and face, and results that last up to two full years, you can wake up and go with flawless brows, every single time.

Brow Tint

Looking for something less permanent than microblading? Opt for brow rehab and get your brows shaped and tinted. These results will last you most of the summer and still give you those effortless brows you crave.

Eyelash Extensions

Mascara is a thing of the past when you indulge in a set of eyelash extensions. Choose your level of fluff (from bold mega volume to simple classic) and let one of our talented lash artists create a look that won’t run when wet.

Hair Removal

Whether you’re choosing between the permanent laser hair removal (see here for a review of its effectiveness) or just a wax or sugaring treatment, taking advantage of our hair removal options means you’ll never arrive at the beach only to realize that you forgot to shave.

SunnaSmile Teeth Whitening

You won’t be able to resist showing off your pearly whites after a session or two of SunnaSmile. This naturally formulated formula gets your teeth 3-5 shades whiter in only 15 minutes—something you’ll be grateful for as you’re posting all your summer memories to Instagram.

Invest in yourself this summer and save precious time in the morning by automating your beauty. Imagine the freedom of being ready to tackle the day the moment you wake up! Save your sanity and savour those fleeting moments of sunshine by booking with us today.