Hair Removal 101: All your Byōōdē Options

We've been growing our team here at Byōōdē Bar, and we couldn't be more excited! Adding new beauty partners means adding new services, and we now have a full complement of hair removal treatments for you to choose from. Let's talk about each one to help you decide which is right for you.



Like we covered in April's blog post, sugaring is a gentle and effective method of hair removal that uses actual sugar, lemon, and hot water to get the job done. Sugaring sticks to the hair but not to the skin, making it a less painful option over waxing and with results that typically last longer. Plus, it's safe for virtually any part of your body!



Using nothing but a cotton thread, threading is an ancient method of hair removal and hair line refinement. The thread allows for super precise results that can last up to six entire weeks! And since there's virtually no products used, it's a great option for hyper sensitive skin. Threading is typically only use for small areas on the face, though, so stick with one of the other options for larger areas.



Your traditional wax treatment. Hot wax is applied to your chosen treatment area, then swiftly removed (and your hair with it) once it has cooled. While waxing can sting a bit, it is very effective with results that last significantly longer than shaving. 


Laser Hair Removal

This is our permanent option out of the bunch. Laser hair removal requires more investment and treatments up front, but once you're done you walk away with permanent hair reduction. The time and effort saved alone make it more than worth it.

Using a laser to destroy your hair follicle at the root, our RN Sarah will administer a series of treatments to your chosen area until your skin stays silky smooth. Exactly how many treatments you'll need depends on the area and your hair profile, so ask Sarah for a consultation to better estimate your investment.


If you're still mulling your options over, don't be afraid to reach out and ask us for advice! One of our beauty experts would be more than happy to help you decide which treatments work best for your budget and your life.