Laser Hair Removal: Does It Really Work?

Our esthetician Sarah offers laser hair removal, and clients often ask the same things. We know permanent hair removal is a bit of investment, so let’s answer your most common questions

Does laser hair removal actually work?

When it comes to laser hair treatments, all are not equal. The machines that are used range from inexpensive and ineffective, to top-of-the-line and worth every penny. The machine we have at Byōōdē Bar is the highest quality, which means better results in fewer visits. Even the best laser machines need more than one visit to achieve maximum results because the hair follicle needs to be in the right growth phase to be successfully “disabled,” but you shouldn’t need to come in more than a handful of times to get results. Beware the discount places that require 20+ sessions to achieve results—they often don’t work and are just a waste of your money. On paper it may look like a great deal (you can go so many times for such little money!), but in the end you’re committing far more time to end up disappointed.

So does laser hair removal actually work? Ours does! As long as you find a quality, professional provider with a quality, professional machine, you can expect to see results quickly. A good esthetician will do a consultation with you before you commit to answer any questions you have and make sure you’re a good candidate.

One of our clients, Alexandra, is in the middle of her hair removal sessions. “I was worried it wouldn’t work for me, because my hair is super dark and super thick,” she admitted. “I felt much more confident after my consultation with Sarah, though. And much to my surprise, I’ve noticed pretty considerable hair reduction and I’ve only had one treatment so far!”

I’ve noticed pretty considerable hair reduction and I’ve only had one treatment so far!

-Alexandra, current client

Does laser hair removal hurt?

There’s no beating around the bush (pun unintended…or was it?). Laser hair removal doesn’t feel amazing. That said, people usually find it less uncomfortable than waxing and it’s over in a much shorter time. And since it’s a permanent hair removal solution, you only have to deal with it a few times and then it’s over for good (versus waxing that requires regular maintenance).

“It was a bit painful,” says Alexandra. “But it was over really quickly, too.”

What’s with the price tag?

Those laser removal machines aren’t cheap, and they require regular maintenance to keep them effective and safe. Plus, our esthetician is a registered nurse with over a decade of experience. When it comes to your most sensitive bits, it’s worth investing in a professional who will treat them right. Plus, it’s permanent after all—you’d easily spend far more on recurring waxing treatments than you will on this long-lasting solution.

If you’re tired of shaving (who isn’t) and ready for a baby smooth existence, book your consultation with Sarah today!