Clean Byōōdē: How Your Safety Comes First

If you're a client, or even if you just follow us on Instagram, you know our artists do amazing work.  Byōōdē Bar's mission is to employ beauticians at the top of their game, and with Dru's fluffy, full lashes, Ashley's killer brows, and Sarah's plump lips and hairless legs, we've done pretty well assembling an A-team!  But even more important than the finished product is all the things that go on in the background to keep Byōōdē Bar clean and our clients safe from any health concerns, like bloodborne pathogens.

What are bloodborne pathogens?

Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms in the blood that are infectious and, when someone comes in contact with them, can cause disease (like hepatitis or HIV).  Bloodborne pathogens are gross, there's just no glamorous way to put it.  And any time you get a service that involves needles, blades, or anything that has the potential to break skin, it's imperative that proper protocols are followed to ensure there's no contamination.  

How do we protect you from exposure?

All of us here at Byōōdē Bar have completed our Bloodborne Pathogen Certification, meaning we have specialized training from Alberta Health Services.  As estheticians, we are also subject to inspections from AHS to ensure our practices comply with regulations.  Some specific things we do to keep you safe:

  • Disposable gloves are worn while performing services
  • Microblading is done with disposable blades
  • All reusable tools are soaked in Accel for the AHS-mandated time.  We then go beyond regulations and sterilize them again in our mini autoclave
  • All syringes are one-time use, and disposed of in an approved sharps container

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list.  Having a clean, sanitary, and safe environment is our number one priority.

Don't be afraid to ask us, or any service provider, questions about health and safety protocol.  A good artist will answer your questions, be knowledgeable, and take bloodborne pathogens seriously.  If you are met with resistance or your questions are not answered, be very cautious.  

Come visit us in our sparkling bright studio! We have lots of services to offer and are always excited to welcome our clients.  See you soon!