Eyelashes: Lifts vs. Extensions

When it comes to eyelashes, there are so many choices!  At Byōōdē Bar, we offer extensions (classic or volume), lifts, and tints.  So what is the difference between these options and which one is right for you?  Let's break down each choice to help you make that decision.


Eyelash Lifts

An eyelash lift is quite literally a perm for your natural lashes.  By applying a specialized lash-perming gel, your lashes curl right up—meaning you can ditch the lash curler. Results last 4-6 weeks, and starts at $75.  A lift is the perfect way to boost your natural lashes without committing to extensions.


Eyelash Tints

Most often paired with a lift, an eyelash tint dies your natural lashes a darker hue, making them appear longer.  A tint also makes your eyes pop, and eliminates the need for mascara.  Imagine waking up with lashes that are ready to go, and crying your eyes out to a sad movie without worrying about raccoon look.  Add a tint to your eyelash lift for $15 more.

An eyelash lift and tint made all the difference!

An eyelash lift and tint made all the difference!


Eyelash Extensions

If you'd rather add extra volume to your lashes, extensions are right for you!  Lasting 3-4 weeks, eyelash extensions create instant volume, even if you don't have a ton of natural lashes.  There are two types of extension techniques, and we offer both at Byōōdē Bar!

Classic Extensions

For a standard amount of volume, classic extensions work best for those clients with a lot of natural lashes.  One extension is added per one natural eyelash, literally doubling your lash volume in one appointment.  A full set starts at $125.

Volume Extensions

If you're hoping for something more dramatic or lack a lot of natural lashes, volume extensions are right for you.  Adding two to five extensions per one natural eyelash, this technique can create as much vavoom as you'd like.  Plus, since there are more extensions added, this method lasts longer than classic.  A full set starts at $160

Look at the difference between natural volume and extensions!

Look at the difference between natural volume and extensions!


Still can't decide? All lash appointments come with a personalized consultation, so our experts can advise on what will look best.  Or shoot us an email and ask any questions that are still lingering.  We'll see you soon!