Hair Removal

All of our services are performed by certified beauty professionals in our bright, clean studio. For more information on our artists, check out our about page and please ensure you read our cancellation policy prior to booking.


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Say goodbye to unwanted hair! Ditch the razor, eliminate expensive waxing, and save time.   

Destroying the hair follicle at the root, laser hair removal is an easy way to achieve permanent hair reduction.  After a series of treatments, you'll walk away with smooth, hair-free skin.  Discounts are offered with a package of four or more.

$50 Ear/Nose
$50 Chin
$50 Sideburns
$50 Upper Lip
$150 Full Face
$125 Forearms
$200 Full Arms
$200+ Chest
$200+ Abdomen

$200 Half Back
$300 Full Back
$60 Underarms
$100 Bikini Line
$175 Brazilian
$125 Buttocks
$175 Lower Legs (includes knee)
$250 Full Legs
$25 Toes/Fingers

Pretreatment shave:
$10 Small Area
$20 Medium Area
$30 Large Area



Get rid of unwanted hair with this gentle and effective method. Using gel made from sugar, lemon, and hot water, the hair is removed at the root for results that last longer than traditional waxing.


$40 Full Face
$10 Chin
$12 Nostrils
$12 Upper Lip



$20 Underarms
$25 Half Arms
$40 Half Arms with Underarms
$40 Full Arms
$50 Full Arms with Underarms


$40 Lower or Upper Legs
$60 Lower or Upper Legs with Bikini
$70 Lower or Upper Legs with Bikini Plus
$90 Lower or Upper Legs with Brazilian
$70 Full Legs
$85 Full Legs with Bikini
$90 Full Legs with Bikini Plus
$115 Full Legs with Brazilian


$25 Bikini
$35 Bikini +
$60 Brazilian


Get baby smooth skin with traditional wax hair removal. 

$10 Fingers & Toes
$10 Stomach
$20 Underarms
$20 Bikini Line
$30 Half Arms
$40 Half Legs
$40 Back
$45 Full Arms
$70 Full Legs


Try this ancient method of hair removal that uses nothing but a thread! Precise results that can last up to 6 weeks. Perfect for sensitive skin.

$10 Chin
$15 Sideburns
$15 Brow Maintenance
$15 Lips
$20 Lips and Chin
$20 Brow Shaping
$30 Eyebrow Thread and Tint