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Microblading          Powder Brows          Brow Rehab



Indulge in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup with hyper-realistic results.  Restore your sparse or missing hair, wake up with perfect brows, and save valuable time getting ready.  Results last 1-2 years.  Please refer to BrowPro's GeneralFAQs, and After Care pages for more critical information
*add a 10 minute nostril or lip wax to any service for just $10! 




Includes first touch up

Touch Ups* 

$125   within 3 months
$175   within 6 months
$225   within 9 months
$275  within 12 months
$325 within 12-18 months
$450 within 18-24 months
Full application price for anything after 2 years. 

* Touch up pricing is ONLY for previous Byoode Bar/BrowPro clients. Touching up another artist's work is considered a new appointment, and a clear photo should be sent via email prior to booking in order for us to determine if the correction can be completed. 



Powdered Ombré Brows use a small rotary tattoo machine to implant pigment, creating a powdery-like make up look that is super soft and natural.  
Combination brows offer the best of both powdered and hair stroke effects.   The result is a perfectly defined combo brow that lasts 16-36 months. And, with a virtually painless application procedure, you can achieve long-lasting perfection without the pain.
*add a 10 minute nostril or lip wax to any service for just $10! 


Powdered Ombré


Includes first touch up within 90 days



Includes first touch up within 90 days


Amazing brows without the long-term commitment.  Achieve a natural, more defined look that takes your face shape and bone structure into careful consideration.  Results last 4-6 weeks.

The following methods may be used to the get the desired brow:

-Application & education of brow product

*wax & applicators are NEVER double-dipped or reused
*add a 10 minute nostril or lip wax to any service for just $10! 


Brow Shaping


For first appointment. $45 for returning.

Brow Maintenance

Tint only: $20
Shape and Wax:
With tint: $45

Maintenance visits.